Gini has published over 50 books with major publishers, including books on social trends, work relationships, professional and personal development, creativity, law, criminal justice, recreation and leisure, and popular culture.

She is a regular columnist for Huffington Post and several national publications and has been a guest on 100s of radio and TV talk shows, including Oprah, Good Morning America, and CNN. She has published about 30 books through her own company, Changemakers Publishing, and most recently published Transformations: How New Developments in Science, Technology, Business and Society Are Changing Your Life and The Battle Against Internet Book Piracy.  She helps clients write, publish, market, and promote any type of book through her company Changemakers Publishing and Writing.  She also helps clients find publishers and agents.

In addition, she writes scripts and produces films through her companyChangemakers Productions.  Recently, she has helped clients produce and promote book and script video trailers.  Examples are featured on her YouTube channel at

workshops-and-seminarsShe speaks and does workshops and seminars on the topics of her books and on writing and promoting books.

She has written over 100 songs featured at Songworks, and she is a game designer who has published over two dozen games, featured at Gameworld.

She conducts social research on various subjects through her company Behavior Research Associates and has her own radio talk show Changemakers, which has been syndicated to over 400,000 listeners.

The following video provides an overview of what Gini does and features several speaking engagements and media clips, including appearances on Oprah and CNN.  Some of her latest books are featured below.