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Gini Graham Scott has written a series of articles on social trends, based on her recent books Transformations, The Battle Against Internet Book Piracy, Scammed, and Lies and Liars: How and Why Sociopaths Lie and How to Detect and Deal With Them

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Some of these articles include:


Part I: High-Tech Devices and Trends

Does Your Fork or Toothbrush Talk To You?

How a GPS Can Get You in Hot Water

The End of Road Rage: Or What Will Happen In the Coming Era of Driverless Cars

The Rise of Streaming and the Fall of DVDs


Part II: Mind and Body Discoveries

Oh Say Can You See – by Your Tongue?

Mind Control Is Becoming for Real

How the New Science of Mind and Body Control Can Change Your Life

Living Forever


Part III: Amazing Animals

The New Cinematographers – Animals with Critter Cams and Video Cameras

How Chimps and Machines Are Getting Smarter While Human Intelligence Is Going Down

Bring ‘Em Back Alive – De-Extincting the Extinct


Part IV: Pop Culture and Society

The New Lottery Give-Away

Open Season on Liars

Tech Breakthrough or Privacy Nightmare

A Volatile Mixture: Art and DNA

How Robots Can Change Your Relationships


Part V: Work and Business

How Robots Are Changing Your Work

Why Not a Leisure Mentor or Coach?

The End of Meetings

The Latest Assault on Writers – Automated Software That Writes Books and Articles



Part I: The Problem of Internet Piracy

The Assault on Writers by Internet Pirates

The Worldwide Epidemic of Book Piracy

The Battles of the Music and Film Industries Against Internet Piracy

How Publishers Are Beginning to Battle the Pirates

A Rebuttal to the Book Piracy Advocates and Apologists


Part II: The Copyright Law and Infringement

The Remedies for Infringement under U.S. Copyright Law

The Limitations on Liability for Service Providers

Notifying the Infringers and Service Providers

Finding Out the Infringer’s Identity


Part III: The Criminal Crackdown on Internet Piracy

Beginning the Criminal Attack on Internet Piracy

Combatting Book Piracy as a Crime: The Role Of The FBI

How Two National Crime Centers and Other Agencies Are Going After Internet Pirates

How the Bureau of Justice Assistance Is Combatting Piracy

How Still Other Government Agencies Are Going After the Pirates

Major Accomplishments in the Battle Against Piracy as a Crime

Arrests and Convictions For IP Crimes: The Takedown of Imagine And Ninja Video

How Some Independent Pirates Have Gone to Prison


Part IV: How to Fight the Pirates

Some Strategies to Combat the Internet Book Pirates

What You Can Do If a Book Piracy Victim

Sending a Takedown Notice


Lies and Liars: How and Why Sociopaths Lie and How to Detect And Deal With Them will be published in February 2016 by Skyhorse Publishing.  Internet Book Piracy, an expanded book on Internet book piracy, will be published in 2016 by Allworth Press.