Film Production  

Gini Graham Scott writes screenplays and has produced over 50 short films. She has one feature film she wrote and executive produced to be released by Fenix Pictures in 2016, others packaged for production, and has written scripts for a dozen clients.


The following film projects are now in development. We are packaging with different directors.


Dark Comedy: In Distribution



A hilarious dark comedy about a once successful businessman who is losing his house and throws a suicide party with the help of his best friend and a social media guru to raise money to get back on his feet. If he raises enough he’ll live; otherwise he’ll end it all at the party; putting on the party leads to a media frenzy and unexpected results. The film will be released by Fenix Pictures in early 2016.


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Suspense Thrillers

DEADLY AFFAIR: a cop/action/mystery thriller

After a beat cop with marriage problems has an affair with a neighborhood activist battling drug dealers, his lover turns up dead and he could be the suspect.  He turns to his brother-in-law, a homicide investigator, to help find the real killer, and they risk getting killed as they investigate. (In development with Kuhr Productions, seeking funding).


OUT OF CONTROL: an action/mystery thriller; inspired by a true story

After a battle over a supermarket parking space, one woman investigates and discovers the other woman, her husband, and two partners are involved in a chop shop, illegal immigration, welfare fraud, and a banker’s murder.  Threatened by exposure, they try to kill her and the cop helping her, leading to an ambush, car chase, and ultimate capture.
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Sc-Fi Dramas


THE NEW CHILD: a sci-fi contemporary family drama

An archaeologist and his wife can’t have a child, when he discovers a 15,000 year-old skeleton and uses its DNA in a cloning experiment to have a child, which he and his wife raise as their own. But the child becomes increasingly wild leading to media frenzy. Has business plan.

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NEW IDENTITY: a sci-fi legal/crime action drama

Sam, a wealthy businessman, whose life and health are failing, seeks a new life through a brain transplant into a dying criminal.  As Jack, he marries and becomes a respected community leader, until a TV story leads to his arrest for murder. His trial becomes a media circus about who he is – Jack, Sam, the criminal – with unexpected results. Has business plan.

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DEAD NO MORE: a sci-fi crime, action, mystery drama

After a lawyer buys a bankrupt property and acquires a cryonics tank with a shrewish wealthy woman frozen 25 years, a scientist friend brings her back.  It turns out her husband “killed” her and her children took her property.  When the lawyer tries to regain her property, her husband tries to kill her again, as she transforms into a nice person. Short won 2 awards at a Film Festival in SF.

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Contemporary Drama


UNBALANCED: a psychological drama inspired by a true story

A struggling wanna-be producer with psychological problems becomes a mentor to a newcomer, and goes crazy and on a revenge vendetta after the newcomer outshines her. A novel that inspired the script was published in December 2011 and is available through AMAZON.


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