Film & TV Music Videos

Gini Graham Scott has produced a series of music videos featuring songs she has written and produced.  She is available to write lyrics for other songs and put together a production team to create music videos for others.


The songs featured in music videos include:

Video Cam

Traffic Ticket

Bankruptcy Blues

Bad Bad Banks

Credit Card Rap

Traffic Court Star

Ghost Poster

Please Become My Wife

I’m a Nighttime Man in a Daytime Job

Midnight Roads

I’m Gonna Stop Loving You

Three Squares and a Roof

Do You Look Like Your Dog?

What Kind of Dog Are You?

I Sure Wish a Man Could Be More Like a Dog

I’m Banking On You, Jesus

Massage Wash Rockers

Massage Wash Rap

Massage Wash Reggae

Massage Wash Country

Massage Wash Gospel


For more details, and to listen to the songs, about 100 song demos are featured at