Film & TV TV-Video Projects

Gini Graham Scott has been developing a series of TV projects as a writer and producer or co-producer.  She also develops TV shows and pilots for clients. Her currently de
veloped shows which are available for production include the following TV Game and Reality & Game Shows:



Members of very different groups complete as two teams in a variety of tasks, to gain the highest score and prizes for their win, as the camera films what happens, as well as interviews what happens.


do-you-look-like-your-dogDO YOU LOOK LIKE YOUR DOG?

The program is based on a series of trademarked “Do You Look Like” Websites, including the popular Web site and book of the same name, Do You Look Like Your Dog, and other sites – Do You Look Like…Your Cat, Your Pet, Your Mate, Your Lover, a CelebrityYour Car, and additional “Do You Look Like Categories.”  In the shows contestants compete to show off who is the most alike and participate in various activities with their pet, significant other, or other look-alikes.



Based on the Website and forthcoming book What Kind of Dog Are You?, in which people gain insights about themselves and others from their favorite and least favorite breed of dogs.  The show features a variety of game activities in which participants choose their favorite and least favorite dogs, respond to a series of questions, guess what types of dogs the other participants are most likely to choose and why, and participants participate in role plays where they imagine themselves acting like different types of dogs.



image016Inspired by the book The Truth about Lying, The Lying Game is a show in which people compete in games in which they tell lies, detect lies, and get people to participate in activities based on truth and lies. People also describe situations in which they have lied, and the judges and audience members vote on the participants who have told the best lie, worst lie, or funniest lie. The show lends itself to a series of boxed games which players can play at home with their family and friends.


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