Films & TV

Gini is involved in a wide variety of film and TV projects, which include the following:


  • She is the writer and producer of over 50 low budget short films and a feature film in distribution, described in Film Production.
  • She has written 15 screenplays, described in Screenplays.
  • She is the writer and producer of a TV/Internet reality/game show pilot and other projects under development, described in TV/Video Projects.
  • She is the writer and producer of over two dozen music videos, described in Music Videos.
  • She is the organizer or assistant organizer of five film industry meet up groups, described in Film Industry Networking.
  • She does workshops, seminars, and talks on writing, producing, and directing low-budget short films and finding funds for your film, described in Workshops, Seminars, and Speaking.
  • She writes scripts for clients, described in Scripts for Clients.