Finding a Publisher or Agent

If you are trying to find an agent or sell a book to publishers directly, Gini works with the company Publishers, Agents & Films, that can send a personalized query by email to several hundred agents and/or editors interested in your type of project.


Publishers, Agents & Films can also help you write an effective query letter or write it for you. The company has had more than 1000 clients in over 11 years in business since January 2003, and there are over 260 testimonials on the company’s website.

Gini used to own this company and sold over 20 of latest books this way, including sales to Random House, Sourcebooks, AMACOM, Skyhorse, and Llewellyn Press

Gini’s books will help you write an effective query letter, prepare the materials you need, obtain copyrights, and negotiate contracts.  These books include:

  • Sell Your Book, Script or Column
  • How to Find Publishers and Agents and Get Published
  • How to Get Published and Deal with Clients, Co-Writing, Copyrights and Contracts



These books include guidelines Gini has used in selling her own books and writing or reviewing letters and proposals for over 1000.  The books are available on both Amazon and Kindle.


If you already have a published book or have anything else you want to promote, Gini works with a publicist in the L.A. area who can help you, and she can refer you to them.


If your book has film or TV potential, Publishers, Agents & Films can help you with that too. Typically, your query will go out to 1200 plus film producers and production companies and to about 700 agents and managers.