Game Design

Gini has been a game designer for over 35 years, with over two dozen games on the market with major manufacturers, including Briarpatch, Hasbro, Mag-Nif, and Pressman Toys.  Most recently, she licensed JACKPOT and DO YOU LOOK LIKE YOUR DOG? to Briarpatch.


Her company GAMEWORLD offers these four key services:

  • Designing games available for license by game companies, and developing games for clients.  See Game Design and Development for details.
  • Consulting on game development, including help with design, rules, and play-testing games.  See Game Consulting for details.
  • Creating game programs for organizations, featuring social interaction, discussion, and communication, and running or providing training on running these games.  See Game Programs for details.
  • Helping clients pitch their games to hundreds of manufacturers or agents through an e-mail query and assistance with writing an effective query.

You’ll see a brief listing of Gini’s games at Published Games.  If you are a manufacturer or publisher interested in available games by Gini, contact us so we can send you the rules and prototypes of games for consideration.

For even more information, including photos of published games, visit the Gameworld at