Game Programs

Gini can design a game program for your group or organization.  She can facilitate it or train a group of facilitators from your organization to lead the program.

These game programs feature social interaction, discussion, and communication games developed specifically for your organization. The games can be followed by a discussion of the experience and the insights gained as a result.

For example, one game which Gini developed and led for several business groups, including the Oakland Chamber of Commerce Women’s Entrepreneurs, is The Business Connections Game.  It provides a new way in which people can meet and get to know one another at a business networking event.  It has been published as a book which provides a way for anyone to organize and lead this game.


Other game programs have been developed on:

  • finding a job
  • improving communication
  • resolving conflict
  • improving sales skills
  • increasing memory

Game programs can also created just for fun, such as for a convention, conference, social mixer, or party.