Gini Graham Scott is now a regular columnist for Huffington Post and many of her articles have been featured in the national media.

Here are some examples of her latest articles, many of which have been included in her new book: Transformations: How Science, Technology, Business, and Society Are Changing Your Life.


Tech Breakthrough or Privacy Nightmare?

Mind Control Is Becoming Reality

Seeing By Your Tongue


A complete listing of articles is at

Gini has also been sending out a series of press releases that feature her books and blogs.

The latest ones include the following: 

“The Perils of Inequality Raise Concerns in Presidential Race; Parallels Suggest New Middle Ages and Coming Revolt in Book by Sociologist

Articles Available on How Appearances Can Be Deceiving – by Multi-Published Internationally Known Author with Ph.D.

Suicide Party #Save Dave – Hilarious Films Tackles Inequality, Suicide; Writer Has New Book New Middle Ages Comparing Inequality Now to Life in the Middle Ages

She has written and produced a series of short videos which are featured on her website at Changemakers Productions and YouTube.  Her most recent are shorts and trailers featuring episodes from full length feature films to use in seeking funds for the feature – The Parking Lot  and Dead No More, which won two awards at a film festival in San Francisco in March 2013.  She has also written and produced a series of documentaries, including Ironworkers, Middle Class Homeless, and The Truth About Lying.  Her film Suicide Party #Save Dave has received gained an international distributor, Fenix Pictures, which will release the film in early 2016.  She also writes scripts and produces short films for clients.

Additionally, Gini is now offering workshops based on her books on writing and promoting books, and writing, producing, and distributing films.  These are based on her books: How to Find Publishers and Agents and Get Published; How to Get Published and Deal with Clients, Co-Writing, Copyrights, and Contracts; The Complete Guide to Selling Your Book, Script, or Column; and The Complete Guide to Distributing an Indie Film.