Published Games

These are games Gini designed that were published by different companies.  Many are available for licensing, since they are no longer on the market.


Do You Look Like Your Dog? from Briarpatch

Collect bones by best matching owners with the dogs they look the most like, and convincing others that you have the best match.  Based on the popular Do You Look Like Your Dog? book and Website.

Jackpot from Briarpatch

Be the first to get rid of your cards by moving pieces around to match the combinations in your hands – and call Jackpot! When you do.


Screwball from Hasbro Industries

Take out the screws of different sizes and put them back again so they fit.



Oh, Fudge from Pressman Toy

Collect pieces of fudge by finding pairs with matching centers.



Chocolat! From Carpiera in France

Licensed from Oh, Fudge by Pressman



 Glasnost: The Game of Soviet-American Peace and Diplomacy from John Hansen

Discuss current topics and engage in confrontation and negotiations.  The game was featured in the New York Times, won a Clio Award for packaging, and was licensed for German, French, and Russian editions.




Glasnost: Der Spiel Uber Frieden und Verstandigung Zqischen der Sowjet Union under Der Westlichen Welt

from Olga International (the German Edition)


Secret Telegram from Skor-Mor

Ask questions to break the code and decipher the telegram.



Nitty Gritty from Skor-Mor

Arrange the pieces so the colors on adjacent squares match – only 16 ways to do this.




Tantalizing Tiers from Skor-Mor

Try to put all the marbles of each color in each of the tiers





Trial! from Creative Communications & Research

Argue a series of cases as Prosecutor or Defense Attorney and try to win the most votes from the other players acting as jurors.



You! The Jury from Creative Communications & Research

Another game about battling in court, where players take different roles and determine what the verdict was in the real case.



Nostalgia from Creative Communications & Research

Act out a series of activities from the 1920s to 1980s.






Confrontation from Creative Communications & Research


Argue about a series of issues involving protesting students and the authorities in the late 1960s and try to win in the ensuing confrontation.

 The Lib Game from Creative Communications & Research

Discuss the issues of the women’s liberation movement of the late 1960s.

You’ve Got to Be Kidding and The Connection


Two puzzles and games.  In the first, follow the numbers and arrows from the beginning to the end – and be the last to make a play.  In the second, connect the lines to make a continuous path – and be the last to make a play.

Oh Peg It! From Golden’s Magic Wand

A battle of the sexes as players race around the board and prevent each other from being able to move.


 oh peg it
Play Posters from Portal Publications

8 poster games you can play on a wall – from classics like Chess, Tic-Tac-Toe, Backgammon, and the Mill game to new games like the Love Game, Nirvana, Lord of the Jungle, Top of the Heap, and 4-Way Checkers.

Psychic from Creative Communications & Research
A variety of fun exercises to show how psychic you are.
Fun Pins from Arrow Handicrafts


A craft item in which you glue on colorful pieces and glitter to make some attractive novelty pins.