Scripts for Clients

Gini Graham Scott can write a script for you for feature films, teleplays, documentaries, shorts, and educational training films.


Feature Films and Teleplays 

Films can be developed as original films if you provide a basic idea or concept or adapted from a novel, memoir, or more completed story. For example:

  • You provide a basic concept or preliminary story line; a detailed plot and characters can be developed from there.
  • You provide a rough story line and ideas for characters for further development.
  • You provide a memoir or novel to be adapted into a screenplay.


Documentaries and Educational Training Films

Documentaries and educational training films can be developed from written materials, or we can assist you with additional research.

Some examples of these films might include: 

  • documentaries based on non-fiction books or articles
  • instructional films for seminars and workshops
  • training films for schools and companies

Contact us for more details about how Gini can write a script for you.