Social Research

Gini Graham Scott can provide you with qualitative and market research services through her company Behavior Research Associates (


These research services include:  

  • Conducting interviews
  • Facilitating focus groups
  • Designing questionnaires and survey instruments
  • Writing reports and presentations
  • Preparing educational materials
  • Conducting classes, workshops, and seminars based on research results

The types of research conducted are:

  • Ethnographic research
  • Studies of organizational behavior and development
  • Consumer and audience studies
  • Market and advertising research
  • Evaluation research

Other research by our team includes:

  • Internet research for books, articles, and other materials
  • Transcribing interviews

We can additionally help you finalize a book, report, or other project with the following:

  • Photos, graphics, and art design
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Creating an print-on-demand or e-book

For samples of research projects, visit Behavior Research Associates at


Gini has written an introduction to social research methods called The Researcher’s Bible.












 It features these topics:

– What is research and how it differs from program evaluation

– Choosing a research topic

– The contribution of different disciplines to the social sciences

– Different research approaches in social science research

– Using observation in social research

– Using qualitative and quantitative research methods

– The main characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of different sampling methods

– The main techniques for analyzing surveys and their advantages and disadvantages

– The major statistical concepts

– The major data analysis techniques

– The easiest method for social research