Writing Clients’ Books

Most of Gini’s clients remain anonymous, since she has ghostwritten their books or proposals.  Here are three clients who published their books or found an agent to pitch a proposal:


Tony Capria
Press Works Printing

 is a book about my search for justice as a former-prison guard in upstate New York. Once I thought I had it all — a wife, who was the daughter of the Commissioner of Correction, two kids, a part-time job as a security guard, and the support of members of the prison guard’s union when I fought to improve their conditions. But I angered a captain with my efforts to help the guards. When I was injured by a prisoner in a battle over a blanket, the captain turned that incident into a vendetta to bring me down, and I almost lost everything. Eventually, my struggle turned into a lawsuit as I fought to overcome my injury and rebuild my life. BETRAYAL tells my story.


Deborah A. Quinn
Paragon Publishing

image002Gini helped Deborah Quinn write her book: CONQUERING THE DARKNESS: One Woman’s Story of Recovering From a Brain Injury (Published by Paragon). It’s about a woman who struggled back from a brain injury to become successful.  As a press release describes the book:

Once living a fairy tale life as a happily married and financially secure woman, a car accident led Debbie Quinn to almost lose everything. She had to struggle to learn how to function again, while others seeking to grab her business and fortune saw her as easy prey. This book chronicles her recovery, the obstacles she faced, and the process of creating a new life for herself.

Now, living in Florida, she is the owner of her own business, Ingenuity Products, which is involved in financing, developing and marketing a golf ball retriever and other golf accessories. She is also active in helping brain injury patients and their relatives through personal referrals, working with them in sharing her own tips for recovery.