Writing, Ghostwriting, or Co-Writing

Gini Graham Scott does writing and consulting for writers, editors, book publishers, agents, film producers, and website owners in a variety of formats which include:



  • Books
  • Book proposals
  • Film and video scripts
  • Articles
  • Website copy
  • Marketing and promotional materials
  • Press releases
  • Educational and training materials
  • Research reports


She can help you write any these materials on almost any topic. She can consult with you on how to do it yourself or help you do a final editorial polish. She can work from your notes, tapes, transcripts, rough draft, or interviews with you.

She can help you find an agent or publisher (See Finding a Publisher or Agent) or set up your book for self-publishing. (See Writing, Publishing, and Promoting a Print-On-Demand or E-Book)

If you need additional research, she can do it for you or her team of researchers can assist. She can also arrange for transcripts for interviews.

Articles, book proposals, reports, and educational/training materials can be prepared in 1-2 weeks; a complete book in 4-8 weeks. The project can be provided in files using Word, PDF, or text formats via email, Hightail or DropBox.

Besides writing her own books published by major publishers, Gini has successfully written and sold proposals and books for numerous clients (See Clients’ Books).  Past clients have included psychologists, teachers, academics, business/corporate leaders, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, professional speakers, publishers who want a book on a particular topic, and film/video producers.

See her bio for details on publications, scripts, and other achievements. You can see her published books in various categories if you go to books.